Kate Beckinsale: Tiptoes Stills


Cast: Kate Beckinsale, Matthew McConaughey, Gary Oldman

Carol (Kate Beckinsale) — a talented painter and independent woman — falls in love with Steven (Matthew McConaughey) without knowing much about him other than he's the perfect man. But when Carol finds herself pregnant it forces Steven to expose his darkest secret - his family. Steven happens to be the only average-sized person in a family of dwarfs, including his twin brother Rolfe (Gary Oldman). Carol and Steven are then forced to come to terms with the fact that the fetus she carries may be born a dwarf. This terrifies Steven as he had to watch his twin brother suffer the difficulties of being a little person and does not want to watch his child in pain. As Carol decides to carry the child, she and Steven grow farther apart, and she begins to rely on Rolfe to teach her about the life of people with dwarfism.

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