Famke Janssen as Dr. Jean Grey / Phoenix - X-Men Movie Stills

  • X-Men: Famke Janssen as Dr. Jean Grey: She is in a relationship with Cyclops and works as the doctor of the X-Mansion. She has the powers of telekinesis. She also has powers of telepathy like Xavier, although her powers are much less advanced than that of his, displayed when she is stunned by the usage of Cerebro.
  • X2: A teacher at Xavier's school and the X-Mansion's doctor, Jean has begun to experience vast and at times uncontrollable growth in her telepathic and telekinetic abilities since Magneto's machine was destroyed in the first film. She is Cyclops' fiancé.
  • X-Men: The Last Stand: A former member of the X-Men who sacrificed herself to save her comrades, upon being resurrected Jean gives in to her alternate personality, the Phoenix, an aggressive Class 5 mutant who possesses potentially limitless telepathic and telekinetic powers, even stronger than Magneto's.
  • The Wolverine: Famke Janssen as Jean Grey

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