Monica Bellucci - I believe that we have a natural instinct which is very strong

Monica Bellucci

-"If there's something I believe in, it's a mysterious energy; the one that fills the oceans during tides, the one that unites nature and beings."
- "After a while in marriage, it doesn't work anymore. There is something missing, there is something wrong. There are few marriages that stay alive forever. We like something, and after a while, we hate what we used to love."
- "We all need illusions. That's why we love movies." - "You know, I'll tell you, when you're in front of the camera, for a small budget movie or a big budget movie, there's no difference. When you're in front of the camera, you just play and I think that also the language. I think for an actor, it's more important, an actor works with their soul and their thought and the language comes."

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