Womb Raider - Starring: Lauren Hays and Antoinette Abbott

Lauren Hays

Womb Raider

When wealthy treasure hunter, Cara Loft (Hays) is delivered a late-night invitation to meet with the reclusive art collector, Dr. Scrotus, the sexy adventurer is thrust head on into the greatest and most dangerous erotic adventure of her life...the search for the three sacred "wombs."

  • Lauren Hays as Cara Loft
  • Antoinette Abbott as Natasha
  • Annie Body as Milla / Statue Priestess 2
  • Shalimar Another as Zulu Warrioress
  • Roland Lanza as Dr. Scrotus / Dylan
  • Christopher St. James as Scrotus' Henchman 1 / Prince's Guard 2
  • Randolph Scott as Prince's Guard 1
  • Mercedes Bin as Servant Harem Girl
  • Gustavo Cardenas as Desert Prince
  • Crystal White as Harem Girl 1 / Statue Priestess 1
  • Sirena Scott as Harem Girl 2
  • John Bakula as Tibetan Guide
  • Ron Reihel as Scrotus' Henchman 2
  • Tony Lanfield as Lord Loft

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