Bombshell: Princess Allura

Princess Allura

Princess Allura

Princess Allura (Princess Fala) (voiced by B.J. Ward in the '80s and '90s series, Ashleigh Ball in the 2011 series): Princess Allura of the planet Arus is the ruler of the Kingdom of Arus (Altea), as well as de facto ruler of the entire planet, and is also the object of Lotor's affections. Daughter of the late King Alfor, Allura inherited her father's authority on his death and is commander-in-chief and head of state for the planet Arus, and thus Commander Keith's superior. However, later she takes over for Sven as the pilot of the Blue Lion that forms Voltron's right leg, and defers to Keith during operational engagements. Allura wears a pink uniform in the original series and a metallic blue uniform in Voltron: The Third Dimension. Though a bit naïve, especially with matters of romance, Allura is a strong-willed person, and is very capable of ruling her planet, though some like Coran and Nanny tend to doubt this ability. She is capable of invoking the dead, particularly her father, the late King Alfor. In The Third Dimension, Allura later learns special mind skills that could allow the Voltron Force to control the Lions without having to be in the cockpits, and also helps the others to learn it as well.


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